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Suicide Six
Town: Woodstock, Vermont
Vertical Drop: 650 feet
Top Lift Served Elevation: 1340 feet
Lifts Include: 2 fixed grip chairlifts
Snowmaking: Yes
Night Skiing: No
Located north of Woodstock, Vermont, Suicide Six is a historic small but steep ski area.
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2016 Lift Install Season Tied for Worst in History - Dec. 12, 2016
Lift installations could rebound in 2017 with projects rumored in 4 states.
Lift Installation Projects Continue as December Approaches - Nov. 27, 2016
More work remains before New England's two new chairlifts will be ready.
Lift Installation Projects Continue as Ski Season Approaches - Nov. 13, 2016
Significant work remains before New England's two new chairlifts will be ready.
New England Lift Construction Projects Progressing - Oct. 10, 2016
Two chairlifts are currently being installed.
Ski Lift Installations Gearing Up in New England - Aug. 30, 2016
Three chairlifts and two T-Bars could be installed this fall.
Suicide Six to Install New Quad Chairlift - Jul. 1, 2016
The Leitner-Poma lift is the first 2016 chairlift installation announced in New England.
West Virginia Lift Accident Prompts Modifications to At Least Two Lifts in New England - Feb. 24, 2016
Two people were sent to the hospital following a tower cross arm failure.
Trust for Public Lands Attempting to Purchase Gilbert's Hill Ski Area - Aug. 18, 2015
Woodstock slope was first ever lift serviced ski area in United States.
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